WinLauncher (LowRes) 1.15

Windows style user interface for Palm PDA

The program you thought you would never see is here. And your device can do it, too! A launcher program that integrates with your device and applications and making one new whole of all these pieces! Please note that the "WinLauncher HighRes" build is designed for any device that has screen size at least 320x320!


  • High Resolution Support - any device with a screen size at least 320x320 pixels is supported
  • JPEG Wallpapers - put your favourite image on your desktop, be unique
  • 5 Way Navigator Support - fly through your device
  • Fast Start - your launcher starts instantly
  • Wide Range of Devices Supported - anything with Palm OS 3.5 or above

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WinLauncher (LowRes) 1.15

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